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Carpet Beetles

The term "carpet beetle" probably sums up everything you need to know about these blighters. These bugs are notorious for infesting something you should go around barefoot on. Worse still, they aren't only infesting your carpet. It's being eaten, laid eggs in, and even irreversibly damaged. If you're like most people, you had no idea what a carpet beetle was until you came across one. You're now on a mission to make sure you never have another one. That is something we can assist you with.

Carpet beetles are, unfortunately, pretty much what they sound like. Carpet beetles lay their eggs in fibrous material like carpets so that their offspring can eat it. Carpet beetles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all measure around 18 inches long and are oval in shape. The color of carpet beetles varies depending on the species and stage of development.

The three most common carpet beetle species in the US are: The Black carpet beetle, The Varied carpet beetle and The Common carpet beetle.

Carpet beetles lurk in your home's dark, isolated areas. They're commonly mistaken for bed bugs, as they'll infest beds to consume dead skin cells left in the linens. Carpet beetles, unlike bed bugs, will not bite you. If you're allergic to carpet beetle larvae, the bristly hairs on their bodies can hurt your skin. If you're allergic to carpet beetles, coming into contact with them can cause a rash or bite-like marks on your skin. Carpet beetles will, of course, eat through your home's fibers. Damage to bed sheets, linens, clothing, draperies, and (of course) carpet will be visible. Carpet beetles, unlike moths, usually only eat one piece of fabric at a time. Their feeding punctures the fabric in huge, discrete holes. Beetle larvae will need to shed their skin while they feed in order to keep growing. The skin of a shed carpet beetle is transparent, dry, and flaky. Carpet beetles shed their skin in the areas where they consume.

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