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In the Winter, What Happens To Bed Bugs?

While some individuals enjoy winter and others despise it, we can all agree that it has both positive and negative aspects. Many people are put off by the chilly temperatures, while many others enjoy the activities that come with snow. Even while shoveling isn't much pleasure, having a few months off from the pests that have been bothering us all summer is surely welcome.

Is it true that we'll be free of all those pests? Every pesky bug should, in theory, die throughout the winter, giving us a few months of quiet before returning in the spring. However, certain insects manage to annoy us throughout the year. The bed bug is one such insect.

The good news is that, while bed bugs are still active in the winter, there is a lower risk of a new infestation than during the summer months, when they are most active. Bed bugs can survive in freezing temperatures for short periods of time, but they don't enjoy it and are more likely to hunker down in the safe warmth of the area they've already contaminated rather than catch a ride with someone travelling from place to place.

Bed bugs are horrible news regardless of whether they're moving around or not. They will proliferate once they have gained access to your home and will quickly become a major problem. They have a knack for hiding in areas you wouldn't think to look or couldn't get to even if you did. They're also really difficult to eliminate. Even if you try a DIY bed bug treatment and it appears to work, there's a good chance you didn't get rid of all of the bed bugs, larvae, or eggs. When bed bugs aren't roaming or eating, most DIY remedies can't reach the hard-to-reach hiding locations where they live.

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