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Nassau county rats.

Google searches for "big rats in New York" are popular, and for good reason. Rats follow areas where a lot of people reside near by to one another. Because there is so much food available here, rats quickly develop into "giant rats in New York." Any rodent infestation is a nightmare for Long Island residents, but rat infestations are particularly terrible and serve as a reminder of the significance of expert pest treatment on Long Island. Continue reading to find out why having a rat infestation is so harmful and how Parkway Pest Solutions can assist you in getting rid of rats right now.

How large may rats become on Long Island?

Norway rats:
Because they are natural burrowers, Norway rats may be found digging in your basement or crawl area. They often reach a length of six to eight inches. Invasion of your home by them is more likely to occur in the winter.

Roof Rats:
The roof rat, which may range in length from three to eight inches, may be the most widespread species of rodent on Long Island. The roof rat, a vegetarian rodent, is also known as a citrus rat.

These rats, which may reach lengths of six to eight inches, resemble Norway rats. The wood rat has hair on its ears, tail, and body that ranges in color from gray to black, even red or brown.

The easiest approach to get rid of rats at home, regardless of the type of rat infestation you have, is to hire a professional.

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