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Parasites aka Bedbugs

Parasites called bed bugs are frequently discovered in hotels and residential bedrooms. They spend the daytime close to where their hosts sleep and eat human flesh at night. Before 1995, bed bugs were all but extinct, but with the rise in international travel, they have since returned.

Small, ovoid, brownish parasite insects known as bed bugs only consume the blood of sleeping humans or animals. Bed bugs are around the size of an apple seed (1/4 to 1/2 inches) and have flat bodies with six legs. But after eating, their bodies suddenly enlarge and turn crimson.

Bed bugs are often fairly tough. They usually consume blood every five to ten days, although they can go for several months without eating.

Unlike ants and bees, bed bugs do not build nests; instead, they prefer to assemble in groups. In the right circumstances, young bed bugs can complete their development in as little as one month and can generate three generations or more annually. They can sprint well and will go up to 15 feet for a blood meal, but they cannot jump or fly. They may readily migrate between neighbouring rooms or units through wall voids and utility chases and are most active at night.

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