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Rats surge in the wake of COVID-19

Our absence is generating rippling effects in the urban environment as people throughout the world adjust their daily behavior to try to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Rats are emerging from their hiding places, which is one of the most visible changes. In a frantic search for food, they're heading to the streets in broad daylight and invading homes.

According to the city's 311 reports, rodent sightings spiked in March 2021. More than 2,900 rodent complaints were filed, with rats accounting for more than half of them.

In March 2020, when New York City was first placed under lockdown, city inhabitants were understandably more concerned about COVID-19 than rats. That month, there were approximately 1,600 rodent sightings.

Normally, New Yorkers with uptown and downtown addresses leave enough rubbish on the streets for rats to live less than 150 feet from their birthplace, but now it's possible that more will be entering houses to get their next meal.

The rat population in New York City is nearly a quarter of the human population, or about 2 million rats! Brown rats have a one-year lifespan. They begin mating at the age of two or three months and have roughly a dozen “pups” every two months.

Infestation of rats in a home is a severe issue since they carry disease and destruction with them. However, rat sightings are so regular in New York Metropolis — the country's third most rat-infested city – that you can easily detect a rodent as you walk through an alley.

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