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Some Tips To Prevent Bugs In Your Home This Winter

Getting snug inside your warm and joyful family home is our preferred way to spend the frigid winters in New York. We can curl up in your beds, by the fire, or in the kitchen while you prepare our favorite soup. Some of us may perish before the winter is over, but don't worry, we'll leave millions of eggs as thank you presents. Then, come springtime, guess what happens. There are bugs aplenty for the whole family to enjoy!

During the winter, an insect's greatest chance of survival is to seek shelter in a warm home, leaving you with pests roaming around, causing pain and maybe danger to your family. Insects die off in the winter, but infestations remain, which you will have to deal with once the weather warms again. With these ten suggestions, you can keep your family happy and healthy during winter. Take precautions inside your house right now to establish a comfortable lifestyle that you can enjoy instead of being bothered by nasty pests.

Here are som hom tips to keep you bu free this winter.
  • Seal Up Your Doors
  • Add Screens
  • Maintain Your Yard
  • Repair Cracks
  • Seal Around Pipe Penetrations
  • Remove Unprotected Food and Water Sources
  • Store Trash Properly
  • Encourage Natural Predators
  • Keep Your Home Clean
  • Cover All Large Openings
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