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Spring Clean up - Get your pests under control before they control you.

Spring is preparing to control pests. The air is warm, the flowers are blooming, and spring is coming. Indeed. With the amazing climate change, some of the dirty bugs that are ready to take over your garden will come back. Don't be afraid! We have some precautionary measures to keep your garden free from pests so that spring can thrive and intruders can thrive in your greenery. If you want to keep this bug away this season, here are seven tips.

7. Spring Clean up
Yes, thaw in winter does more than just signal a resurgence of warm weather. It also reminds us of which autumn and snowstorm was left. Debris such as leaves, rotten forests and dead plants are great places for insects. Take some time to clean up in the spring before these pests get a chance. Ants love to build houses on dead logs and trees. Remove debris such as fallen branches and dead plants. Scoop out the fallen leaves and remove the mold lumps that remain during thawing.

6.Standing Water
Another thing to look out for is snow that melts during the thaw causing standing water.. Check your driveway for gutters, gardens and puddles that can be made from oversaturated clay. This spring thaw is an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes. They can breed in any standing water, but prefer warmer climates. As temperatures rise, residual water can be a potential hazard.

5. Mow your lawn frequently
After solving winter problems, you need to keep an eye on your lawn care. This means sifting through your lawn. Keeping your lawn mowed is an important part of keeping pests away. By eliminating growth, these unwanted invaders will be overcome. The longer the grass, the easier it will be for them to hide. Insects like ticks can easily find shelter in a large garden lawn.

4. Proper Water
Another way to keep your lawn pest-free is to keep it healthy. Make sure you are getting the correct amount of water. If it hasn't rained, be sure to give your lawn some love. This encourages good wildlife, which will keep any annoying or dangerous visitor from getting comfortable. Remember; do not overwater either. The last thing you want is to create standing water for mosquitoes.

3.  Trim your Brush, Bushes, and Foliage
Like lawn maintenance, you want to take care of the growth of your garden. If you have plants, ferns or flower beds, make sure your vegetation is not too naughty. It’s hard to include a lot of over-raised if left unattended and it can easily take away some of your property. Ga ense, with unbridled growth, you will have more insects and pests than you have to deal with.

2. Remove Refuse
As you regularly clean your lawn, remember to throw the trash out of your yard. All cut branches, lawn sections or leaves are the perfect hiding place for ants, fleas or beetles. Don't let her call home. This includes any old logs or dying trees. These can be houses for ants, and if not checked, they can wreak havoc.

1. Research Lawn and Garden Killers
If you want to take things a step further, or realize that you may already have an insect problem, your next step may be pesticides. There are many DIY products on the market, but not all of them are suitable for your family. Some want to protect the lawn, and others kill good insects and animals. Many children are not safe to use around children and pets. Do some research before choosing an old killer. Take it one step further and focus on what you choose.

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