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Springtime: Mosquitos are coming...

Hot weather is coming! That means short sleeves, blooming flowers, and more outdoor activities for everyone. Unfortunately, high temperatures also attract insects that are less than friendly, they can spoil your backyard party plans and can be very dangerous.

As soon as temperatures rise, this nasty biting mosquito can leave itching marks and spread a number of deadly diseases. As spring begins to bring warmth in NYC and Long Island, this is a best time for mosquito eggs to hatch. If you want to stop these insects before they cause a problem in your home, we are here to help.

While April and May are prime-time for mosquitoes, they only need a temperature of 50 degrees to thrive. In fact, they never really disappear. Mosquito eggs remain floating in the water until the temperature rises again. Mosquito eggs hatch when warm enough, regardless of the season.

Female mosquitos are constantly searching for the perfect place to lay their eggs. The ideal spot is standing stagnant water. Mosquitos lay their eggs in warm, nonmoving pools of water anywhere. Puddles,  gutters, birdbaths, fountains, and buckets are just a few of the possible locations. When it starts to get warm, you should check your yard for standing water.

Remember to keep your Lawn, Brush, Bushes, and Foliage trim and under control. This will also help keep these pests under control. 

If you are in Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, or surrounding areas and are experiencing a Mosquito problem or you just want some help in keeping these bloodsuckers under control  Contact Us through the website or call 718.418.8986


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