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The Rodents in the winter

In the summer, you may encounter rats in your home, but this is less usual because the outdoors provide lots of food and an unlimited supply of nesting locations away from people. Rodents aren't always gregarious creatures who want to be around you. They simply want to take advantage of what your home has to offer when it gets cold outdoors.

Mice and rats are considered cute by some individuals, who even keep them as pets. For the rest of us, though, seeing rodents peering out from behind the couch is the last thing we want to see. Rodents that run amok in our houses can do a lot of harm. To keep their incisors in check, both mice and rats must chew. They don't discriminate, and will gnaw through your beloved holiday decorations, your cabinet's box of cereal, and even your wiring. They leave droppings and urine, which can carry diseases that can be passed on to your family, as they scurry around.

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