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What is a bed bug?

Bed bugs receive their name from the fact that they like to hide in beds and feed on people as they sleep. Bed bugs are blood-feeding insects that require regular blood meals to survive and flourish. Bed bugs will attack numerous warm-blooded animals, including chickens and other birds, in addition to humans. Bed bugs have been associated with humans for over 3,300 years, and they can be found in almost any site where people congregate, including homes, hotels, schools, businesses, retail stores, and even public transit.

Bed bugs are excellent "hitchhikers," able to traverse enormous distances. They grab onto suitcases, clothes, and bedding and can follow them wherever they go.This is why bed bug infestations are so common. Furthermore, bed bug bites are typically difficult to distinguish from bites from other pests, making infestations difficult to detect and allowing populations to flourish undetected.

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