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Our Queens Bed Bug Treatment Process

Our Queens Bed Bug Extermination Results Are Guaranteed!

At Advanced Pest Management Services Inc, we take getting rid of bed bugs very seriously. Our Bed Bug Extermination process is an intensive examination and Prescription treatment of your premises. We only use the advanced, affordable Prescription Treatment Method.

Bed Bugs Exterminator in Queens

The name of the “bed bug” is derived from the preferred habitat of Cimex lectularius: warm houses and especially nearby or inside of beds and bedding or other sleep areas. Bed bugs are mainly active at night, but are not exclusively nocturnal. They usually feed on their hosts without being noticed.

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As Queens' Best Bed Bug exterminator, our process is as follows:

1. We inspect the premises to determine how extensive the bed bug infestation is.

2. Next we apply a prescription treatment of residual insecticides and growth regulators. This will ensure the bed bugs cannot live or survive and any reproductive cycles are broken.

3. We will also use an insecticide dust (dust is the silver bullet in insecticide control) in cracks, crevices and electrical outlets.

We guarantee our bed bug extermination, which is important, considering NYC is the 10th most populous city for bed bugs.

Once we complete our bed bug extermination process, we will return in 7-10 business days to ensure there is no residual bed bugs.

We only use the prescription method, as this is the most advanced, affordable bed bug extermination treatment available.

Heat treatments work but are very labor intensive and expensive. There is also no residual left over, leaving you vulnerable to new bedbugs after the apartment has cooled.

Freezing bedbugs also works well, but leaves no residual. Once again you are vulnerable to re-infestation after the treatment.

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