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The summer pest war is upon us

Now that summer is nearly here, we see changes in precipitation and temperatures sparking new growth and awaking pests. As it gets warmer the summer pests begin their pans to end your enjoyment of the outdoors.
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The big problem with subterranean termites

What makes homeowners so frustrated with subterranean termites is that often they don’t leave signs of infestation.
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Springtime: Mosquitos are coming...

Hot weather is coming! That means short sleeves, blooming flowers, and more outdoor activities for everyone. Unfortunately, high temperatures also attract insects that are less than friendly, they can spoil your backyard party plans and can be very dangerous.
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Spring Clean up - Get your pests under control before they control you.

Spring is preparing to control pests. The air is warm, the flowers are blooming, and spring is coming. Indeed. With the amazing climate change, some of the dirty bugs that are ready to take over your garden will come back. Don't be afraid! We have some precautionary measures to keep your garden free from pests so that spring can thrive and intruders can thrive in your greenery. If you want to keep this bug away this season, here are seven tips.
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Termite Season is upon us

It's that season here on Long Island: Termite season! Their amassing season commonly starts in late March and early April and can last through May or early June. The underground termites will swarm commonly during the late morning when it's warm, and normally following precipitation. 
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What Termites Eat

What Termites Eat Termites are known as voracious wood eaters, but what they are really after is the cellulose that the wood is made of. Cellulose is an abundant organic compound and is the main component in the cell walls of plants. Cellulose can also be found in more refined forms such as paper and even in some foods we eat.
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Get the Facts on Subterranean Termites

Get the Facts on Subterranean Termites Subterranean termites are the single most destructive insect pest in the United States, causing billions of dollars in structural damage each year. While subterranean termites are beneficial in nature, the presence of termites in your home or business is cause for serious concern.
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All About Advanced Pest Management Services

All About Advanced Pest Management Services Since 1999, Advanced Pest Management Services has been the premier pest control provider for the five boroughs of New York City—Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Long Island, and Manhattan. Advanced Pest Management Services combines state-of-the-art pest control tools and techniques with outstanding customer service.
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The Differences Between Mice and Rats

The Differences Between Mice and Rats odents are common sights in the five boroughs of New York City, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle with mice and rats in your home or business. A pest control company in Queens can provide you with effective rodent management to rid your home or business of mice and rats and keep these pests at bay.
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Reviews: Professional, Courteous & Knowledgeable

Reviews: Professional, Courteous & Knowledgeable Advanced Pest Management Services Inc has been providing Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Manhattan with excellent pest control for over over 20 years. Whether it's bed bugs, termites, cockroaches or rodents, we can help you get rid of unwanted guests.
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