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Cockroach vs. Waterbug

What Is a Waterbug?
Although many people refer to cockroaches as waterbugs, the genuine water bug is an aquatic insect belonging to the Hemiptera order. Water boatmen and water scorpions are both authentic water bugs. To travel across the water, their legs are used as paddles. Water bugs include members of the Gerridae family, such as water striders, pond skaters, and water spiders. Instead of utilizing their legs as paddles, they rely on surface tension to keep themselves afloat.

Oriental Cockroach vs. Waterbug
The oriental cockroach is a common example of an insect that is referred to as a waterbug (Blatta orientalis). The oriental cockroach is an African cockroach, despite its name. Water bugs (Oriental cockroaches) are glossy and black or dark brown in hue. The species' nymphs are smaller. Males are smaller than females as adults. Oriental cockroaches are unable to fly because they lack full-sized wings.

Attracted to Warm, Damp Places
Oriental cockroaches can be seen outside in trash cans and drains throughout the summer. They migrate inside during the colder seasons in search of warmth. Basements and other damp spaces at or below ground level are the most usual places to find them. Adult Oriental cockroaches emerge in the warm seasons, following a seasonal development cycle.

Water is a Necessity
The oriental cockroach, like most other cockroaches, can devour a wide variety of foods. It prefers starchy meals as well as rotting plant and animal waste. Oriental cockroaches may last a month without eating if they have enough water. They cannot, however, go longer than two weeks without water.

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