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Fleas: Protecting Your Pets and Home with Advanced Pest Management

With autumn settling in, you might have noticed an unwelcome presence in your NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Nassau County home—fleas. These tiny but troublesome pests can pose a threat to both your living space and your furry friends. But fear not—Advanced Pest Management is here to help you protect your pets and maintain a flea-free home.

Signs of Flea Infestations:

  • Itchy pets, scratching, and flea bites on humans.
  • Tiny, reddish-brown insects jumping on and off your pets.
  • Flea dirt or small, dark specks on pet bedding and carpets.
  • Visible flea eggs and larvae in pet fur and on surfaces.

Our flea control solutions include identifying hotspots, targeted treatment methods, and advice on keeping fleas away from your pets and home. Enjoy a comfortable and flea-free autumn for your family and pets with Advanced Pest Management. Contact us at 718.418.8986 for effective flea control solutions.

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