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Getting Rid of Gnats: Tips for NYC Homes

Gnats are small flying insects that can become a significant annoyance in any NYC home, particularly in kitchens and where houseplants are kept. They thrive in moist conditions and can reproduce rapidly.

To combat gnats, eliminate sources of moisture such as overwatered plants and standing water in sinks or trays. Keeping your home clean, especially disposing of overripe fruits and vegetables promptly, can also prevent gnat infestations.

For severe or persistent gnat problems, professional help from Advanced Pest Management can be invaluable. We provide targeted treatments to eliminate gnats and advice on keeping your home gnat-free in the future.

Residents of NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Nassau County experiencing gnat issues can rely on Advanced Pest Management. Call us at 718.418.8986 for professional gnat control solutions. Contact us today for a free quote and say goodbye to gnats in your home.

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