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Heat is not the only thing in the Air this Summer

Insects, hot temperatures, long days, and enjoyment all come with summer. Almost all Long Island bug species increase in abundance throughout the summer, although some are more common than others.

Yellow Jackets
Yellow jackets, which are wasps, are the scourge of outdoor cookouts because they are attracted to both the protein, which they bring back to their colony for the larval members, and the sweet liquids, such as soda, melting popsicles, and similar things.

Yellow jackets may benefit gardeners by consuming aphids, flies, crickets, cabbage worms, and beetle grubs, both dead and living, despite the fact that their stings are unpleasant.

Wasps have a reputation for being very aggressive, although they tend to be more so in the late summer when their food supplies are less plentiful, along with any stinging insect that feels threatened.

Wasps are attracted to outdoor gatherings and activities by sugary foods and beverages because they enjoy them. If they do fly close to you, carefully pull away. Avoid swatting at them.

Wasps are a gardener's ally aside from that. Other insects that might otherwise destroy plants are eaten by them.

Hornets are highly hazardous wasp family members. Because they can sting many times and can swarm if they feel their nest is in danger, experts advise against performing DIY hornet removal.

Like wasps, hornets can be harmful to humans, but they are also good for the ecosystem. Hornets help keep the ecosystem in balance by pollinating plants and by consuming insects such as flies, beetles, and other garden pests.

Carpenter Bees
Carpenter bees pose a severe hazard to homes, even though Long Islanders associate termites with wood-destroying insects. Instead of eating wood, they chew it to create tunnels for their nests. They frequently infest window trim, fascia, porch ceilings, and similar wood because they like soft, unpainted wood.

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