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Late Spring Alert: Combating Carpenter Ants in NYC Homes

As the weather warms up in late spring, carpenter ants become increasingly active, seeking out moist wood in which to build their new nests. These ants are not just a simple nuisance; they can cause significant structural damage to your home by hollowing out wood for nesting. Recognizing early signs is crucial—look for frass (wood shavings), rustling sounds within walls, and live ants emerging at dusk.

Preventive measures include removing moisture-prone wood, ensuring gutters are free from debris, and trimming branches that touch your home, which can serve as bridges for ants. However, if an infestation is suspected, professional help from Advanced Pest Management is vital to effectively address the problem and prevent future occurrences.

For carpenter ant extermination in NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Nassau County, please contact Advanced Pest Management. Our carpenter ant solutions in the NY Metro area are unparalleled, ensuring your home remains safe and ant-free. Call us at 718.418.8986 to pest-proof your home effectively. Contact us for a free quote and enjoy peace of mind throughout the year.


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