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Mosquito Time again

The heat is on its way! For everyone, this means short sleeves, blossoming flowers, and more outside activities. 
High temperatures, unfortunately, attract insects that are less than pleasant, and they may ruin your garden party plans as well as be quite deadly.

This vicious biting mosquito may leave itchy marks and spread a range of dangerous illnesses as soon as the temperature rises. 
This is the greatest time for mosquito eggs to hatch in NYC and Long Island as spring begins to bring warmth. 
We can assist you in preventing these insects from becoming a nuisance in your house.

While mosquitoes thrive in April and May, they just require a temperature of 50 degrees to grow. In reality, they never truly vanish. Until the temperature increases again, mosquito eggs float in the water. Mosquito eggs hatch when the temperature rises to a certain level, regardless of the season.

Female mosquitos are always looking for the ideal spot to deposit their eggs. Standing stagnant water is the best location. Mosquitoes deposit their eggs in any warm, still body of water. Puddles, gutters, birdbaths, fountains, and buckets are just a few examples of potential hiding spots. When the weather warms up, look around your yard for any standing water.

Keep your lawn, brush, bushes, and foliage well-trimmed and under control. This will also aid in the control of these pests.

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