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New York City Hits #3 on the Top Bed Bug list.

Chicago took the top spot on the 2022 Top 50 Bed Bug Cities List for the second year in a row, with Philadelphia and New York moving up to second and third place, respectively. 
Philadelphia rose 12 ranks, while New York rose nine.

Restless Americans — and bed bugs – hitched rides across the country for a break during the previous year, as tourism began to resurge in the United States. As customers plan their vacation for 2022 in the midst of the epidemic, it's easy to forget that bed bugs are still a problem. Given the personnel limitations in the hotel business, it is possible that bed bug introductions are not being checked as frequently as expected, which is why thorough investigation is essential.
  1. Chicago
  2. Philadelphia (+12)
  3. New York (+9)
  4. Detroit
  5. Baltimore (-3)
  6. Indianapolis (+1)
  7. Washington, DC (-4)
  8. Cleveland, OH (-2)
  9. Columbus, OH (-4)
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