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Say Goodbye to Mosquito Misery: Preventative Measures for Spring in Queens and Nassau County

As the warm weather of spring approaches, so do the mosquitos. These pesky insects can ruin outdoor gatherings and lead to itchy bites and even disease transmission. But don't worry, there are preventative measures you can take now to lessen your mosquito problems this spring in the Queens and Nassau County areas of NY.

Here are some steps you can take to prevent mosquitos from taking over your yard:
  1. Eliminate standing water: Mosquitos lay their eggs in standing water, so it's important to eliminate any sources of standing water in your yard. This includes bird baths, pool covers, and even clogged gutters.
  2. Use mosquito-repelling plants: Certain plants, such as citronella, lemon balm, and lavender, can help repel mosquitos naturally. Consider planting these around your outdoor areas to create a mosquito-free zone.
  3. Install screens on windows and doors: Screens on windows and doors will prevent mosquitos from entering your home. Make sure to repair any holes or tears in existing screens to ensure they are functioning properly.
  4. Use mosquito repellent sprays and candles: When spending time outdoors, use mosquito repellent sprays and candles to keep mosquitos at bay.
  5. Call a professional: For the best results, consider calling a professional pest control company. They can assess your property, identify potential mosquito habitats, and implement effective measures to prevent mosquitos from taking over your yard.
In conclusion, by taking these preventative measures, you can enjoy your spring and summer in the Queens and Nassau County areas of NY without the annoyance of mosquitos. But remember, for the best results, it's important to call in the experts. So, say goodbye to mosquito misery and call a professional today!

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