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The Silent Bite: Flea Control in NYC During Summer

Fleas thrive in the warm, humid summer months, making them a common problem for pet owners in NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. These pests not only irritate your pets but can also become a nuisance for the entire household, spreading diseases like tapeworms and causing allergic reactions.

To combat fleas, start with regular grooming of your pets and use vet-approved flea treatments. At home, vacuum carpets and furniture frequently, and wash pet bedding weekly in hot water to kill flea eggs and larvae. However, these measures might not be enough if your home is already infested.

Advanced Pest Management provides professional flea control services that include thorough inspections and treatments tailored to your specific situation, ensuring effective removal and prevention of further infestations.

For flea control in NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, or Manhattan, contact Advanced Pest Management. Our expertise in flea eradication in NYC and Long Island is unmatched, offering relief and protection throughout the summer. Call us today for a comprehensive solution to your flea problems.Call us at 718.418.8986 to pest-proof your home effectively. Contact us for a free quote and enjoy peace of mind throughout the year.

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