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Winter Pests: Advanced Pest Management's Seasonal Control Tips

As winter approaches in NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Nassau County, many homeowners face the challenge of keeping pests out during the colder months. While some pests go into hibernation, others seek warmth and shelter indoors. Advanced Pest Management is here with expert tips to help you maintain a pest-free home this winter season.

Common Winter Pests:

  • Rodents like rats and mice looking for a cozy retreat.
  • Cockroaches seeking warmth and food sources indoors.
  • Spiders and silverfish entering homes to escape the cold.
  • Overwintering insects such as stink bugs and ladybugs.

Our seasonal pest control tips include sealing entry points, reducing attractants, and regular inspections. Don't let winter pests take refuge in your home. Contact Advanced Pest Management at 718.418.8986 for advice and effective pest control solutions.

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